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  • Newport Branch Meeting: 2024 May 28

    NEWPORT BRANCH MEETING: 2024 May 28 The Newport Medieval Ship by Jeff Grosvenor Our speaker this month gave a fascinating talk on the Discovery, History and Potential Future of the […]

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  • Newport Branch Meeting, 2024 April 30

    Newport Branch Talks, 2024 April 30. The Commonwealth War Graves Commission by Andrew Hemmings. Our speaker was Andrew Hemmings, a volunteer with the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, who has the […]

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  • Newport Branch Talk, 2024 March 26th

    Newport Branch Talks, 2024 March 26th The Newport Transporter Bridge by Gavin Jones. Newport’s most iconic landmark, the Transporter Bridge, is now almost 120 years old and at the moment […]

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  • Life before the NHS

    CHEPSTOW TALK THURSDAY 14th MARCH 2024 From Home Remedies to the Creation of the National Health Service Gwent Archives archivist Rhiannon Phillips is coming to talk about Health Provision in […]

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  • Newport Branch Talks, 2024 February 29

    NEWPORT BRANCH TALKS, 2024 FEBRUARY 29 Newport through Time, Part Three (Monty Dart) This month we listened to probably our most popular speaker, Monty Dart, who continued the story of […]

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  • Newport Branch Talks, Tuesday 2024 January 30.

    Newport Branch Talks: Tuesday, 2024 January 30th Newport Through Time (Part Two)- Keith Wood. This month we welcomed back Keith Wood to continue the story of Newport’s past- this time […]

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  • Newport Branch Meeting, 2023 November 28th

    NEWPORT BRANCH MEETING, 2023 November 28th Family History on the Computer by Malcolm Otton Our speaker this month was our Branch Secretary, Malcolm Otton. His talk divided into two sections- […]

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  • Newport Branch; Change of Speaker, 2023 November 28

    Unfortunately Richard Frame, our scheduled speaker for November 28th, has had to cancel because of health problems. Fortunately Malcolm Otton has agreed to bring his talk, booked for 2024 April […]

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  • Newport Branch Meeting, 2023 October 31.

    Newport Branch Meeting, 2023 October 31st You Never Know Whom You Might Find (Derek Fielding) Our speaker had a target individual- an ancestor who made a real mark in life. […]

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  • Newport Branch Talks, 2023 September 26

    NEWPORT BRANCH MEETING, 2023 September 26th DECIMALIZATION by Hannah Spruce Our speaker this month was Hannah Spruce, the Exhibition Manager at the Royal Mint Museum. She started with the history […]

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