Newport – Life and Work of a Risca Cuckoo: John Brewer

Our chairman John Brewer gave this talk at our meeting on 28th June. He started his talk by explaining the origin of the name ‘cuckoo’ given to inhabitants of Risca. Two men heard a bird singing beautifully and decided to trap it by building a fence around it. However when the fence was completed the bird simply flew away. On subsequent occasions the men repeatedly increased the height of the fence but without success. An old friend passing by saw their efforts and asked why they were trying to trap a cuckoo in their garden when there were already two ‘Cuckoos’ there! Continue reading

Newport – Tracing Irish Ancestry

A good attendance listened carefully to a thorough review of Irish records from Diane Brook on 26 April. Certainly we heard about the problems- records, particularly censuses, destroyed by fire, incredible inconsistencies of spellings and the difficulty of finding records unless one has a knowledge of the relevant parishes. Continue reading

Newport – Ferry Disaster 1897

NEWPORT BRANCH MEETING        2016 March 30.

The 1897 Newport Ferry Disaster (Monty Dart)

The town of Newport is divided into two by the river Usk. In the nineteenth century the town and particularly its industries were expanding rapidly. The river was, however, crossed by a single bridge and many of the workers for the east bank- particularly for Lysaghts Steel works Continue reading