Newport – Tracing Irish Ancestry

A good attendance listened carefully to a thorough review of Irish records from Diane Brook on 26 April. Certainly we heard about the problems- records, particularly censuses, destroyed by fire, incredible inconsistencies of spellings and the difficulty of finding records unless one has a knowledge of the relevant parishes. Continue reading

Blackwood – When is a name not a name?

This evenings’ meeting could have been a bit of as disappointment. Because of a clash with other events, we had to change our usual meeting date from the second Tuesday of the month to the first. We were also moved from our usual room to another on the school complex. Our scheduled speaker had to cancel because of ill health. So, there was much activity behind the scenes. However, the evening turned out to be a memorable one, for all the best reasons. Continue reading

Blackwood – Regular Meeting

Before we got on with the business for the evening, Hillary read out the notices. The most important of which was that, due to the school closing for Easter, the April meeting is to be brought forward a week. So please note next scheduled meeting will be on the 4th April at the usual time. Liz gave out a list of ideas for trips and asked members to fill in a form to say which if any they would be interested in.

Once the formalities were over & after some early problems with the computer, we were treated to an interesting insight into the “Tucker Family” given by Pauline Weaver. She related how a failed attempt to get Cilla Black, to include her search in the TV series, prompted her to do her own research. The outcome was a trip to the USA & a subsequent meeting with a long lost relative.

The rest of the evening was devoted to family research. A mother & daughter searching for an elusive member of their family, ably assisted by one of our experienced members & thinking about joining.

I had a few words with one of our regular members. I asked him what his interest in family history was. I was surprised at his answer. He had little interest in family history, but enjoyed the atmosphere at the meetings and came with a friend, because he was on his own and looked forward to some company. That says a lot for the branch I think.