Blackwood – A different kind of search.

The final event 2016/7 was a light hearted “Treasure Hunt.” Teams of four set off by car from Cefn Forest to gather photographic clues on a trail compiled by Hilary and Claire. Despite the rather iffy weather all the teams completed the course. My team, who I will not embarrass by naming, managed to trail in, some 30 minutes after the leaders. The account of our travels caused some amusement amongst the assembled members. The evening was completed with Tea & Scones.

Newport – Sketches of Old Newport

At the monthly meeting at the Civic Centre, Newport on Wednesday  30th August, we had a new speaker. Margaret Hall (a Newport girl) gave us a talk showing sketches drawn by her father in the 1960’s and 70’s.

Many of the houses and buildings have now been demolished, and recognition brought many Oh’s and Ah’s from those present. We travelled from Caerleon Road over Newport bridge with the shops on the far side and into town, down through Commercial Street and Commercial Road. In all there must have been 40-50 sketches and drawings. There were many groans and comments of “it should never have been demolished” when a sketch of the old Town Hall was shown!! This was a very enjoyable evening down memory lane.


Newport – Life and Work of a Risca Cuckoo: John Brewer

Our chairman John Brewer gave this talk at our meeting on 28th June. He started his talk by explaining the origin of the name ‘cuckoo’ given to inhabitants of Risca. Two men heard a bird singing beautifully and decided to trap it by building a fence around it. However when the fence was completed the bird simply flew away. On subsequent occasions the men repeatedly increased the height of the fence but without success. An old friend passing by saw their efforts and asked why they were trying to trap a cuckoo in their garden when there were already two ‘Cuckoos’ there! Continue reading