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Newport Branch Meeting, 2023 November 28th

NEWPORT BRANCH MEETING, 2023 November 28th

Family History on the Computer by Malcolm Otton

Our speaker this month was our Branch Secretary, Malcolm Otton. His talk divided into two sections- firstly a review of the use of DNA by family historians and secondly on how to create and build ones family tree from the basics of Birth and Marriage Certificates.

Malcolm surveyed the various DNA service providers and then explained how to submit a DNA sample and what results could be expected. He indicated that a long list of possible relatives would be received. These lists are constructed by comparing your DNA results with the huge database of DNA results held for others who have already undergone the procedure. To establish who in the list are in fact actual relatives one needs to do genuine family history research and hence the need for a family tree. This led on to his giving instructions on how to start the process of building your own tree.

All in all a most interesting and informative talk.

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