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Newport- Workers, Warriors and Waywards

Feb 22: Workers, Warriors and Waywards  by Peter Strong

We had a very interesting talk by Peter Strong about the role of women in helping the war effort in Monmouthshire during World War Two.

The area had been suffering from depopulation but many were returning- possibly thinking that South Wales was safer than South East England or the Midlands being more distant from the German air bases.

Women played a vital role in filling positions vacated by men, who had been called up to the military. They worked both in heavy industry (chiefly munitions and arms manufacture) and also in food producing agriculture in the Land Army. Since women still had to look after their families they spent long hours each day performing this double role. (The Workers)

Peter also mentioned the women who even served in the armed forces (the warriors) but balanced the picture by mentioning those whose main interest was philandering- particularly with US soldiers (the Wayward)


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