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Newport – Beyond the Green-Baize Door

Out speaker, Paul Busby, was in no way daunted by the initial problem caused by the interface between a laptop and the projection system of the room. He simply carried on in ‘radio’ mode rather than in ‘television’ mode- and did so brilliantly.

We learnt about servant life under the Lords Tredegar- the strict hierarchy within the serving staff, the hard work and long hours but also how well two Lords Tredegar (Godfrey and Courtenay) treated their staff and the community feeling that was engendered. Unfortunately their successor, Evan Morgan, was less considerate.

It was most interesting to contrast the lives of the staff (hard but fulfilling) with that of Lois Sturt, the one time wife of Evan Morgan, whose playgirl and wasteful life we heard about last month from Will Cross.

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