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Newport – Lois Sturt : Wild Child : The Flapper of Flappers

Willie Cross (Sept 28th)  gave us a most entertaining presentation on the short and ill-fated life of the High Society girl, Lois Sturt, one time wife of Lord Tredegar (Evan Morgan).

Lois was born in London in 1900 and was very accomplished as an actress, dancer and painter.

However, her real interest in life was mad-cap pranks and, in particular, a long series of love affairs, usually with older men. Her lovers were usually aristocrats, including even fringe members of the Royal Family, and famous individuals such as Marconi and Ostwald Moseley.

Such a hectic life, coupled with alcohol abuse and heavy smoking, could not be sustained and she died, aged only 37, in Budapest.

Willie’s talk, lavishly illustrated, gave us a vivid picture of a wasted life of a very capable individual.

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