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Blackwood – Bringing Home the Bacon

We had high expectations of an entertaining evening with a return visit from Rosemary Scadden, and we were not disappointed.

You might have thought that her talk would be about husbands working hard to feed their families, but it was not.                                                                                                                                Her talk this month was for most of us a lovely trip down Memory Lane. Many old photographs, and Rosemary’s apt and interesting commentary reminded us of the way we (or rather our Mothers and Grandmothers) used to shop.

Fresh local produce, cut, weighed and wrapped by the grocer while you wait. A chair to sit on while being served, goods delivered on request, a chance to meet friends and exchange news and gossip. Importantly, and crucially for some families, a kind-hearted system of credit. No need to go hungry until payday!

We were reminded of the dark days of rationing, and then the advent of smart new stores such as Fine Fare, and the dubious joys of self-service.

Afterwards the memories came pouring out of our members – we could almost smell all that wonderful unprocessed food!

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