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Blackwood – Perfect Family?

Our excellent February speaker was once more one of our own members, who stunned us with tales of his illustrious antecedents.

We heard how the Paynter family originated in Cornwall, but moved to Pembrokeshire in the early 1600s. There they settled and flourished, acquiring land and properties in both Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire, and establishing an impressive dynasty.

Later generations served with distinction in the armed forces, at first in the navy, playing an important role in the American War of Independence, and achieving the rank of Vice Admiral. Then between 1826 and 1876 others made their mark in the Army, serving in India and rising as high as Major and Major General. Deservedly, they were all showered with medals and honours.  Even their daughters were successful, marrying well and helping to establish a place in the higher regions of society – just the sort of ancestors we lesser mortals dream of discovering!  And yet…..

We were almost heartened to hear that they had their share of illegitimate children, and just one son who failed dismally to find success in the Navy. ……………………..
………………………..But surely their greatest disappointment was the daughter who became a Nymph of the Pave, and went on to disgrace them further by repeated drunkenness, and eventually riotous behaviour, all duly punished. The wrong sort of fame indeed!  How we all feel for them.

And what an inspiration to redouble our efforts in our own searches.

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